Why is it important to use OEM parts for auto body repair?

Why is it important to use OEM parts for auto body repair?After an accident that has done some major damage to your vehicle there is a good chance that it will require extensive service in order to get back on the road. This could mean replacing parts that are both cosmetic as well as mechanical. During these types of repairs it is crucial that the auto body repair shop uses parts that are designated as OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturer. This means that the replacement parts are built to exact factory specifications by the manufacturer themselves or a partner. Why is this important?

Proper fit

One of the most common issues with using non OEM parts that arises is that the parts don't properly fit when attached to the vehicle. For instance, if a non OEM fender is to be installed from a third party manufacturer it may need to be slightly reshaped or have other customization done to it in order for it to properly attach. This drives up labor costs of your repair.

Meet certain safety standards

In many cases third party parts are not held to the same safety regulations as those that are OEM. This means that you are compromising your own and your passengers safety when non OEM parts are installed on your vehicle. Always be sure to ask the auto body shop to use the highest quality solutions for replacement parts.

Necessary for most insurance repairs

Most insurance policies require that OEM parts are used in order to fulfill your claim. While some insurance companies have an exception to save on costs, you shouldn't have to negotiate for OEM parts.

Meet warranty standards

A vehicle that is under warranty will likely need to have replacement parts that are original equipment installed to ensure that the vehicle's remaining warranty will remain valid.

As mentioned, the biggest issue is safety. Original equipment manufacturer sourced parts are an integral part of your car or truck's ability to transport you safely from point A to point B. If you find yourself in need of auto body repair in Webster reach out to JK Auto Body. We offer fast and professional collision repair for all makes and models. Call (508) 213-5084 to request an estimate for superior collision repair in Webster.

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