5 Important Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

5 Important Steps to Take After an Auto AccidentIn the midst of an auto accident the mind sometimes goes blank, people often can't remember the exact moment of impact or recall the details of the incident immediately following the event. No matter how safe of a driver you are, if you're on the road, you're at risk of being involved in an accident. And while accidents can't necessarily be 100 percent prevented, you can be prepared. If you're involved in an auto accident use these steps to take after a collision to get through the horrific event.

1. Check Everyone's Health

Immediately following the impact, if you're able to, make sure you have not suffered any major trauma. Do the same for any passengers in your car and then check on people in other vehicles involved. If anyone has serious injuries dial 911 right away to call for medical help. Don't move anyone that has serious injuries, as it could make it worse.

2. Contact the Police

Regardless of injuries or how bad the damage is, contacting the police after an accident is always a good idea. A police presence will ensure that everything is take care of properly and that no one leaves the scene before they're suppose to. A police report will also help your insurance company process the accident and determine who was at fault.

3. Collect Evidence

Once everyone has been checked out and the police have been notified start taking note of the scene and determine what happened. Snap photographs using a cell phone or digital camera to document the accident and be sure to take pictures of proofs of insurance and driver's licenses of all those involved. This will help streamline the insurance process when it comes time to getting reimbursed.

4. Notify the Insurance Company

Before leaving the scene you should contact you insurance company and other drivers should contact theirs. This will ensure you have followed all of their policy rules so that you don't end up scathed by their small print when trying to collect reimbursement. You should inform them there are police reports and photographs and submit those items to the insurance company when it is convenient and legal to do so.

5. Find a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

Your insurance company will likely give you a list of auto body repair shops that it would like you to visit to gather quotes and have the work done, but remember there is no law that states you have to use these shops or collect more than just one quote. For the highest quality collision repair in Webster reach out to JK Auto Body & Glass at (508) 213-5084. Once you contact us we will take care of the rest of your needs. Don't wait, call not to request your estimate for auto body repair in Webster.

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